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Mission Statement

We create well-designed websites and train you how to use them. Working with you, we will create an attractive, informative, & reasonably priced website that meets or exceeds your expectations & needs.

Church Media Guy - Our Story

Our Story

I have been responsible for website development and management, social media, photography, videography, & marketing for different churches...

Church Media Guy - Testimonials


"Church Media Guy is a sharp team that has a burden to assist local churches with website design and support. I can vouch for him, he is sharp!"

Church Media Guy - Squarespace

Squarespace 7

We build our websites using Squarespace 7 because of it's power and flexibility.
Here are some of the reasons why we love using Squarespace for our clients. 



We have experience in design, branding, photography, videography, and editing. Our Squarespace experience, puts us in a position to create a website that not only looks beautiful, but meets your strategic needs as well.

Church Media Guy - Websites


Our web designers are committed to creating a website that will enhance your ministry or business. We share the same core values you do. Each of our websites will mirror the beauty, the passions, & culture you are trying to develop.

Church Media Guy - Graphic Design

graphic design

Our graphic designers have experience, designing things ranging from spot illustrations, posters, fliers, tee shirts, web ad banners, logos, and invitation suites, among other materials. Our designs have even been printed in Relevant Magazine.

Church Media Guy - Videos


When you use video on your website, you are telling your visitors that they are important to you. Whether you use a brief intro video, a short webmercial, or a full length promotional video, video will make your website stand out.


Church Media Guy Services

Church Media Guy understands every church is working with a specific budget and we want to work within that budget. We want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. We offer a variety of packages and give you the ability to customize the kind of package your church needs to succeed. Even if money is an issue, please still contact us. At the end of the day we want to see every church maximizing their ministry potential.

Church Media Guy - Website Services

Website Services

Church Media Guy - Social Media Services

Social Media Services

  • Content Management System
  • Social Media Pages Setup
  • Social Media Marketing Training Session
Church Media Guy - Marketing Services

Marketing Services

  • Custom Logo
  • Sermon Graphics
  • Print Materials
    • Flyers/Posters
    • Bulletins/Brochures
  • Videos
    • Promotional Videos
    • Highlight Videos
    • Sermon Bumper Videos
  • Simple Graphic Design Training Session
Church Media Guy - Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services

You focus on your church or business, let us focus on the website & social media. A Church Media Guy webmaster is the easiest way to keep you secure, maintain your website, and social media. We are available Monday-Friday to update, create, and maintain your website & social media. We do all of this at a very affordable price.


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The Church Media Guy Blog

We want to serve you! Make sure to read our daily blogs. We are all about resourcing The church.



We want to remind, inspire, encourage, and motivate you today.


We want to help you think outside of the box when it comes to how you do ministry. 


We want to keep you guys updated with cool things going on in worship.


It is our mission to resource the Church with timely, relevant, practical, and exceptionally awesome content focused on technology and creativity.


Our main goal at Church Media Guy is to make sure you reach your ministry potential. "Freebie Friday" features free downloads that will help enhance your ministry experience.


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