The Story Behind Church Media Guy

Since 2011 I have been referred to as "The Church Media Guy". I have worked as a media director for a couple different churches. I have been responsible for website development/management, social media, photography, videography, & marketing for different churches. 

I attended a conference for my church's district in 2013 and this question was asked, "How many of your churches have websites?" When I looked around the room more than 50% of the churches represented didn't have a hand raised. When I asked some of the pastors and other church workers who were at the conference, "Why don't you have a website?" I got a couple different answers; "We don't know where to begin." "We don't have the time or the people with the knowledge to maintain or create a website." "We can't afford the expense." Most churches count on volunteers who have no background in website development/marketing or pastors who have way too much on their plates already. Not every church has the opportunity to hire a "Church Media Guy", until now!

We build it, train you & keep it low-cost. That's what we do at Church Media Guy we will create a beautifully designed website, set you up with one of a kind branding and marketing tools, and make sure that your church is the buzz on social media. But we don't just build it and leave, we will train a group of your church volunteers on how to run the show when we are gone. The best part is it's affordable. I hope you're excited because it's time for your church to have a fresh start and we want to serve you in this journey.